Welcome to the  Lefebvre Family Clan Website

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On this website, family members have access and the ability to share stories, letters, photos, videos as well as other information to allow them a place to gather, stay connected and provide a general understanding on how the family of Lefebvre's are doing since our family is so large.

The site is being maintained by Allan Lefebvre with the assistance of his father Ron, however, we hope that everyone in the family will pitch in and provide us with information to post online for everyone else. Keep checking back on a regular basis to keep yourself up to date on the information that we have gathered and we look forward to updating the website at regular intervals.

Remember, if you are a direct relation to Honoré or Louise Lefebvre, you can register for an account and, once verified, will have access to the entire contents and features of the members area of the site. If you are not directly related, we thank you for visiting our site and hope that you enjoy the information that is available to you.

We thank everyone who visits our site and hope that it may be an inspiration to what a family can do in this time of technology to stay connected with one another.


Allan and Ron Lefebvre